The app that gives you confidence and allows you to be in control of your lifestyle.

  • protects any app using a custom password
  • An exciting range of Themes
  • Automatic lock setting features
  • A widget for quick locking/unlocking
  • Locks and protects system settings
  • A simple and easy process to get going

Shut App is the only way to maintain your privacy whilst sharing any Android device. We have made it simple to protect your information and save you from embarrassing, cringing moments.

Protect your email and messages from prying eyes and allow yourself to develop protective attitude.

Download the privacy App you need now and feel socially a little safer.


Protect high level data and information capture from those that access your mobile device.


Create automatic child lock setting to manage the amount of time spend on mobile device.


You decide how much you share with wondering significant others.Wives,husbands,friendsbusiness andcolleagues.

What are you waiting for! Get protected and stay protected.

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